Regulatory Glossary

This glossary contains terms and abbreviations in the field of regulatory reporting. It should help you to get a quick and general overview of the respective terms.

KPI Key Performance Indicator

By means of the Key Performance Indicator (KPI), the progress or degree of fulfilment of an objective can be measured.

Kreditnehmerstatistik (Borrower Statistics)

The Borrower Statistics (German: Kreditnehmerstatistik) are statistics published by the Deutsche Bundesbank. It provides a breakdown of domestic granted loans into borrower group, loan type and maturity. The reporting has to be done quarterly and affects all types of loans.

Link to the Bundesbank's website

KRI Key Risk Indicator

Key Risk Indicators (KRI) help to determine a risk profile. Examples are volatility, Beta or Value at Risk.

KWG Kreditwesengesetz (German Banking Act)

The German Banking Act (German: Kreditwesengesetz; KWG) regulates all basics concerning financial services in Germany. It is complemented by regulations for implementing Basel II and Basel III such as the German Solvency Regulation (SolvV), the German Liquidity Directive (LiqV) or the German Regulation on Large Exposures and Million Loans (GroMiKV).


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