German regulatory reporting

ABACUS/DaVinci covers German regulatory reporting. The software has a modular structure and is therefore divided into various software modules. Depending on the status of the bank and the resultant reporting to be submitted, we will put together the right modules for your bank. It is possible that banks use all available modules. However, the use of selected modules such as only reporting in accordance with §14 of the German Banking Act (reporting for loans above 1.5 million Euros), as is the case for leasing companies, is also possible.

The following modules and the corresponding reports are covered by ABACUS/DaVinci (the electronic reports are parts of the individual module).

Module Reports at the level of the individual institute Consolidated reports
Statistical reports
Balance sheet statistics x x
Balance sheet statistics for foreign subsidiaries x n.a.
Regional reports x n.a.
Borrower statistics x n.a.
Foreign status x n.a.
Monthly return regulations (Monatsausweisverordnung) x x
Payment traffic statistics x n.a.
EMU interest statistics x n.a.
Deposit statistics x n.a.
Issuing statistics x n.a.
German Savings Bank and Giro Association statistics x n.a.
Provision of data pool according to § 7 (8) EinSiG x  
Notifications on shareholdings §24 German banking act and §§ 7 and 8 AnzV x  
Bank supervision
Foreign credit volume/country-specific risk regulations x x
Solvency regulations (Trading Book Banks and Non Trading Book Banks) [SA, FIRB, AIRB, OP risk] [market price risks, equity capital] x x
Disclosure x x
Credit reports § 13,13a, 13b German Banking Act (Trading Book Banks and Non Trading Book Banks) x x
Credit reports § 14 German Banking Act x n.a.
Liquidity regulations x n.a.
Principle x n.a.
German foreign trade regulations
German foreign trade regulations x n.a.

n.a. = not applicable

New reporting area as of 1.1.2014 Basis of amendments What will change?
Basic regulatory reporting Modernization concept of BaFin for the bank's regulatory reporting

Introduction of new reporting forms for financial data in accordance with HGB; report includes detailed income statement information as well as other information for HGB individual institutions and HGB groups (if not exempted for these, IFRS financial statements are available).

If you have questions about the listed modules or cannot find a report that is relevant for you and your bank, please contact us.


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