Luxembourg regulatory reporting

In 2007, we began implementing a regulatory reporting solution for Luxembourg. In 2008, we largely completed the development. The basis for the design and development was the calculation engine of ABACUS/DaVinci which was developed for German regulatory reporting. As a result Luxembourg banks now have a standardized software solution to cover Luxembourg regulatory reporting, both at the level of individual reporting and for consolidated group reporting.


All banks established in Luxembourg (banks under Luxembourg law, subsidiaries or branches of foreign banks) are obliged to report their business activities to the following two supervisory authorities:

Herein CSSF is responsible for prudential reporting, while BCL is responsible for statistical reporting.

The following table lists all reports supported by ABACUS/DaVinci. Banks, which are subject to the CSSF and BCL reporting, must submit these reports in order to fulfill their reporting requirements.

Module Report  Description  Versions
CSSF - regulatory reports
FinRep B 1.1 / B 6.1 Balance sheet L, N / C
  B 1.6 / B 6.6 Additional information relating to the balance sheet statement L, N / C
  B 2.1 / B 6.2 Income statement L, N / C
  B 2.5 / B 6.7 Additional information relating to the income statement L, N / C
Other B 1.2 Foreign currency positions L, N
  B 1.5 Liquidity ratio L, N
  B 2.4 Information on participating interest and subordinated loans L, N
  B 4.4 List of head offices, agencies, branches and representative offices L, N
  B 4.5 Analysis of shareholdings L, N
  B 4.6 Persons responsible for certain functions L, N
BCL - Statistical reports
  S 0.1 Daily deposit report (weekly reports as of October 2013, daily reports as of January 2014) L, N
  S 1.1 Monthly statistical balance sheet L, N
  S 1.4 Adjustments due to valuation effects L, N
  S 1.5 Information on interest rates in EUR L, N
  S 1.8 Information on securitisation transactions launched by credit institutions L, N
  S 2.5 Quarterly statistical balance sheet L, N
  S 2.8 Real estate loans for Luxembourg buildings L, N
  S 2.9 Staff L, N
  S 4.1 Non balance sheet information L, N
  Security by security Security by security reporting L, N
  Balance of payments Balance of payments L
  AGDL (Association pour la Garantie des Depôts, Luxembourg Statistics on guaranteed deposits and instruments L
  V1.1 – V 1.8 Data on payment instruments and operations L

If you have questions about the listed modules and reports or cannot find a report which is relevant for you and your bank, please contact us.

ABACUS/DaVinci also supports the various electronic reporting formats in which the various reports must be submitted to the CSSF or BCL:


From a technical perspective, the same prerequisites apply to ABACUS/DaVinci-Luxembourg as to ABACUS/DaVinci-Germany (System Requirements).


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