Product Features

With ABACUS/DaVinci, BearingPoint Software Solutions GmbH offers a comprehensive off-the-shelf standards based software package which is established in the market and covers current statutory requirements regarding supervisory regulatory reporting.
Due to its modular structure and based on the business fields and products of the banks, ABACUS/DaVinci can be individually configured. Supervisory regulatory reports can be generated in a simple, efficient and cost-effective manner and submitted to the supervisory authorities.

ABACUS/DaVinci is based on a modern system architecture which is viable for the future. Significant components of this architecture include a flexible Client-Server architecture (three-tier architecture) and a relational database. Furthermore, ABACUS/DaVinci is a web-based application and therefore also offers an ideal basis for an outsourcing solution. ABACUS/DaVinci runs without dependence on platforms and due to its multitenant capability, it is an established aid for both small and large institutes both in daily monitoring of reporting limits and in issuing regular reports.

Currently, ABACUS/DaVinci can be used to generate reports in accordance with local laws and regulations. This applies to the reports for an individual institute as well as to the consolidated reports of a group of institutes.

Banks generally use ABACUS/DaVinci as a "full version". Herein a connection is made to the inventorying systems of the institutes, and the required data are automatically supplied to ABACUS/DaVinci via an interface. This allows to generate reports automatically until submission to the supervisory authorities.

The process for generating reports with ABACUS/DaVinci is highly standardised. The data required for regulatory report processing come from the preceding/delivery systems of the bank. These data are provided via standardised and low-redundancy supply interfaces which are uniform for all users. ABACUS/DaVinci does not require a supply of already pre-processed data, so that the functionalities and logic of regulatory reporting do not have to be created and maintained in the interface, and therefore not by the user as well. Instead, they are handled by the software.

Insofar as required, particularly for smaller banks, ABACUS/DaVinci can, however, also be used as "ABACUS/DaVinci-Light" version. This involves manual entry of the data which are relevant in reporting directly in the corresponding reporting forms. Therefore there is no requirement for a link via an interface, and the reports can be transmitted to the supervisory authorities in electronic format.

ABACUS/DaVinci particularly excels in the following product attributes:

In addition, there are various topics raised by our user group, in which the user discusses the software and the development of the software – together with us and with other users. Special topics are intensively covered in specific sub-groups. Software implementations can then be realised based on a common consensus. The user groups have been established as an important component in our software development.


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