Supporting Modules

Aside from the modules which are relevant for reporting, we also offer other supporting modules:

Module Short description
CICO (Customer Information Converter) An ETL tool which is integrated into ABACUS/DaVinci and simplifies the building of the interface
Confirmation bank processing Enables processing of the confirmation bank files of the Federal Bank
Year end in accordance with the German Banking Act Assessment of credit volume in accordance with §19 (1) of the German Banking Act for the auditing regulations.
Annual balance sheet Balance sheet generation on the basis of the ABACUS data management.
Liquidity regulation - forecast Additional assessment for liquidity control, based on the liquidity regulation module. It determines a liquidity figure for primary liquidity as well as for each of the 24 months that follow the current month.
Liquidity regulation - forecast
(Liquidity Reporting (LCR/NSFR))
Additional analysis for liquidity control, based on the module LCR/NSFR. An LCR/NSFR calculation is based on an arbitrary date in the future. For the LCR classification to preview date is placed on the legal maturities of positions and cash flows.
S2A: SAP  - ABACUS/DaVinci Interface An interface developed by BearingPoint for supplying general ledger information as well as creditors and debtors from the SAP FI/CO, TRM, ERP, BCA, CML modules.
X2A: Excel - ABACUS/DaVinci Interface Excel-supply für CoRep/Own Funds, FinRep, Large Exposure, Liquidity Reporting (LCR/NSFR), Leverage Ratio, Basis reports (according to FinAV), IP-Losses, Asset Encumbrance, National Reporting (BiSta, ZiSta, KneSta, RegSta, AuSta), Liquidity Regulation (LiqV).



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