SAP Banking Services – functionalities

SAP Banking Services as a solution for bank-wide management are used for calculation, evaluation and analysis of financial products. In the SAP Banking Service components, the data from several resource systems (SAP systems as well as systems from third-party suppliers) is being brought together. Therefore this is the main data source for the data used by ABACUS/IRR.

The data for the ABACUS/IRR solution is being extracted from the SAP Bank Analyzer modules Source Data Layer (SDL) and Result Data Layer (RDL). In addition, it is possible to define and use additional fields, which are not available in the SAP Bank Analyzer SDL and RDL, through the ABACUS/IRR extension. The data from three separate data sources (SDL, RDL, ABACUS/IRR expansion) are centrally stored in the history database (HDB), which is a part of SAP Banking Services.

After the HDB has successfully processed the data, it is sent to the ABACUS/DaVinci system via the ABACUS/IRR interface.


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