Product Features

With ABACUS/Regulator, BearingPoint offers a comprehensive off-the-shelf standards based software package which is established in the market and covers current statutory requirements regarding regulatory reporting.

ABACUS/Regulator supports all reporting frameworks published by the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA). Beyond the pan-European reporting frameworks, customized report generation is supported as well. Due to its modular structure, ABACUS/Regulator can be individually configured. Regulatory reports can be collected, viewed, validated, stored and processed in a simple, efficient and cost-effective manner. ABACUS/Regulator features an embedded high-performance XBRL processor.

ABACUS/Regulator is based on a modern and proven system architecture. Significant components of this architecture include a flexible client-server architecture (three-tier architecture) and an optimized relational database. The frontend component of ABACUS/Regulator is a web-based application that requires a standard web browser only. Client side installation procedures are not required. ABACUS/Regulator is an integrated end-to-end solution for regulators that does not require costly and risky development and maintenance lifecycles. Large-scale data collection is supported, including resubmission scenarios with multiple thousands reports per day and a real time overview of loaded and validated reports. ABACUS/Regulator is built on a successful, well-established technology platform used extensively for regulatory reporting in the banking and insurance industry.

ABACUS/Regulator as product of the ABACUS platform particularly excels in the following attributes:


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