Additional functionality

ABACUS/Regulator offers a fully customizable workflow monitor comprising, data loading, data validation, report generation and sign-off signals. All steps of the reporting process as well as manual changes are logged (audit trail).

Status monitoring

ABACUS/Regulator provides status monitoring in order to have transparency about the latest status within the reporting process. Individual process steps can be directly started via the status monitor. The items of the status monitor are linked to the user rights, i.e. access can be restricted. The status monitor is based on the reporting hierarchy and shows the status for each reporting entity.
 Status information is available for each of the following process steps within the reporting process (default):

The task “Sign-Off” is a task that explicitly requires acknowledgement by authorized individuals. They are marked with a green tick once they are complete.
 All other items are tied to a specific ABACUS/Regulator process step and therefore are set automatically by ABACUS/Regulator. For those items, status is displayed as traffic light depending on the actual process step:

It is possible to manually overwrite the status in the validation process step if identified as correct, even if the automated rules indicate errors.
 A simple default status monitor is provided as part of the standard while further customized configurations of the status monitor can be provided as part of ABACUS/Regulator implementation projects.

Audit Trail

ABACUS/Regulator logs the execution of each step within the reporting process (e.g. data loading, data validation etc.). In addition, manual changes to the reporting templates will be stored in the database as delta sets, i.e. the original data will not be deleted, rather the delta value will be stored.
 For each manual change within a template ABACUS/Regulator logs specified details: Who changed the data? What data was changed? When was the data changed?



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