System Requirements

The operation of ABACUS/RiVa makes various demands on the systems used (client and server).

The versions of the individual system components listed in the following table have been thoroughly tested (as of January 2014). If it is planned to use other versions, we recommend checking the compatibility and consulting directly with RiValue. The listed system requirements reflect the current state of development of the software and are subject to change.

Please note that the RiVa Web Portal is an optional module of the RiVa software.  If the implemented solution does not require the Web Portal, only the system requirements for the application servers and optionally for the database server remain applicable.

Component Requirement Provision by Note
CLIENT Web browser with Java script-
minimum requirement: Microsoft IE 7 or Mozilla Firefox 5.5
Recommended: IE 8, Mozilla Firefox 6.0 and higher

Supplier: Microsoft


  Microsoft Excel 2000 and higher, only if Excel reports desired Client Supplier: Microsoft

A simple Web server with PHP support is sufficient, e.g. xampp 1.8.3 (relevant components: PHP 5.5.6 + PEAR, MySQL 5.6.14, Apache 2.4.7)

Client Supplier:
  RiVa Web Portal, latest version RiValue  
APPLICATION SERVER RiVa Engines, latest version RiValue  
  Java SE Runtime 8 Client Supplier:
  Open Source libraries for RiVa Engines RiValue  
  Perl 5.8.8 Client Supplier:
DATABASE SERVER MySQL (Part of the xampp package) Client Supplier:
  IBM DB2 9.7 Client Supplier: IBM
  Sybase ASE 15 Client  
  Oracle 11.2 Client  

Operating Systems:

Server Client
  • Windows Server
  • Sun Solaris
  • Linux REDHAT
  • Linux SUSE
  • VMWare

In general, all clients are supported on which Mozilla or Internet Explorer run and JavaScript can be executed.


Explanation of Components:


The user performs on behalf of the client from a Web browser allowing access to the Riva Web Portal.

Web Server

The Riva Web portal runs on the web server, providing users with a convenient web front-end to interactively manage all of the Riva processing processes.


The application server executes the Riva processing processes when the functional requirements have been implemented. The processes are managed by the Riva Web portal or through batch processes. Necessary input data and processing results are also archived on the server.

Database Server

The RiVa web portal requires a database server.



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