Data Model and Interfaces

Data management in ABACUS/Transactions is carried out in a relational data model. An extension of the data model or using the existing data structures to venture beyond the basic application configuration remains possible at any time.

Customizable and customer specific report evaluations can be implemented into the existing application at any time based on this open data model. It is for this purpose, that fundamental functionalities, such as the creation of PDF or Excel files are already a part of the application.

The basis of the data organization in ABACUS/Transactions constructs a comprehensive partitioning concept. Based on this concept, several logical partitions are generated, based on the reporting dates, to accelerate and simplify the data access and data analysis in addition to the versioning of the data records.

Standardized, normalized XML interfaces are available to facilitate the delivery from the previous or delivery system for the institution’s raw master data. These interfaces ensure a uniform and virtually redundancy-free delivery for the user. A pre-processing of this data is not necessary when using ABACUS/Transactions, since all relevant reporting functionalities and logic are part of the software.




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