Product Features

ABACUS/Transactions is our standard software solution to enable our clients to fulfill their reporting requirements in accordance with the EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation) for trade repositories as well as for Money Market Statistical Reporting to the NCB/ECB.

From Data Input to Reporting

Given the context of increasing demands from the regulatory authorities, it is fair to presume that more regulations/guidelines (not yet finalised) will be coming down the pipeline, so that increasingly granular reports, based on daily transactions will be required in the future. In anticipation of fulfilling these additional reporting requirements from the MiFIR and SFTR as new European reporting components, as well as facilitating reports to adhere to FMIA/FinfraG (EMIR) for the Swiss transaction register SIX, the scope of modules under ABACUS/Transactions will be continuously enhanced and extended.

ABACUS/Transactions is based on a modern and future-orientated system architecture. The main components are the flexible client-server architecture (3-tier architecture) and a relational database. In addition, ABACUS/Transactions is a web-based application and thus constitutes the ideal basis for an outsourcing solution. The ABACUS/Transactions platform works independently and is characterised by its multi-client capability, providing appropriate solutions for both small and large institutions.

ABACUS/Transactions is based on our successfully established ABACUS technology, which is intensively used by financial institutions and insurance companies for regulatory reporting and provides a variety of benefits for clients:

In addition, BearingPoint offers a comprehensive service portfolio, including assisting clients in the implementation of ABACUS/Transactions requirements, answering enquiries with a professional helpdesk and regular adjustments to the software. Our thorough service concept takes all of the aspects of a product into consideration.



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