Technical Components

ABACUS/Transactions is based on a flexible client-server architecture and a relational database for data storage. The usage of the following proven standard technologies ensures the reliability and productivity of the system:

As a web-based application, customer access to ABACUS/Transactions is established via a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. It is also possible execute ABACUS/Transactions in a virtual environment (e.g. with Citrix).

The additional installation of other components by the client is not needed, apart from the web browser. The architecture allows for the distribution of the database installation, the web server and the application on different servers.

Since ABACUS/Transactions is Java-based the application installation (i.e. the MPE-Server) can be carried out regardless of the operation system.

Various system prerequisites must be met for the operation of ABACUS/ Transactions.


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