System Requirements

Please find below the current system (Client and Server) requirements for Abacus360:

Component Requirement Source Version
CLIENT Web-Browser incl. Java-Script
Firefox Mozilla Firefox from 32.0 (1)
MS Internet Explorer Microsoft IE from 10.0
Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe X
WEB / APPLICATION SERVER Wildfly 10.1 (AIX, Linux, Windows, Solaris on Intel x86 (2)) Wildfly embedded (3)
Java Oracle Java 8
Separation of application server and
database server: Oracle Client 12c, SQL Loader
Oracle Oracle Client 12c
Oracle 12c Enterprise Edition with Options Partitioning & Bitmap Indexes (AIX, Linux, Windows, Solaris) (4) Oracle Oracle 12c

Subject to modifications

(1) Lower versions can work, but will not be supported officially.

(2)  Supported until the end of 2020

(3) Wildfly10.1 is embedded in Abacus360 but may be separately installed and managed by the customer as an option.

(4) Currently Enterprise Edition with the options Partitioning and Bitmap Indexes. Standard Edition for "minor" solutions (upon consultation).


Operating Systems:

Server Client

The system (except for the database component) is based entirely on Java and as such does (with very few exceptions) not depend on a specific operating system. The following operating systems and processor architectures are recommended for the application server(s):

  • Windows Server
  • Sun Solaris on Intel x86 (supported until the end of 2020)
  • Linux REDHAT
  • Linux SUSE
Basically Abacus can be operated with all clients where Mozilla or Internet Explorer, Acrobat-Reader Plug-in and Java script are enabled.


Explanation of the components

The client represents the interface between the user and the Abacus360 system. It receives the input of the user, shows the results and provides results as downloadable files.

Web /Application Server
The Web Server represents the business logic of the system. It receives and processes the input from the Client and sends the results back. Furthermore it controls the system-processes which are necessary for the processing. The Application Server runs the processes which are necessary for implementing the business logic of the system. It is controlled by the Web-Server or through batch processes. Wildfly10.1 is embedded but may be separately installed and managed by the customer as an option.

Database Server
The Database Server facilitates the filing of the required data for running the system. It additionally files the processing of the necessary data as well as the processing results.

Open Source Software
Abacus360 uses some functions on open source components or presumes the use of open source software. An overview of these open source components can be found in the online client area.



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