Software components for the valuation, simulation and regulatory reporting of simple and complex financial instruments and their derivatives

The growing complexity of legal and financial market regulations requires faster response times and more streamlined business solutions for valuation, calculation of sensitivities, stress-testing and simulation.

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Product Features

ABACUS/RiVa contains various standard modules, which can be combined based on a building block concept to create customized solutions. The common denominator across all of the RiVa modules is the data formatting language "Financial Transaction Description Language (FTDL)". Once the data has been transformed into this format, all of the calculation power of the RiVa modules is available.

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ABACUS/RiVa offers smart solutions for evaluation and risk management for banks and financial institutions.
The standard software modules have been in operation for many years in different constellations for well-known banks and financial institutions.


Using ABACUS/RiVa provides firms with the following benefits:

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With the acquisition of RiValue GmbH by BearingPoint in 2014, the software modules of "RiVaSuite" were introduced into the ABACUS family. ABACUS/RiVa provides many additional applications, especially in conjunction with ABACUS/DaVinci.

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RiVa components work in different operating modes, fully integrated via interfaces into the system infrastructure. Besides fully automated batch solutions, additional solutions are integrated into and controlled via the RiVa Web Portal. The integration into service-oriented architecture environments is also possible.

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Data Model and Interfaces

All Riva engines use the FTDL format for data preparation and data transport. FTDL (Financial Transaction Description Language) is a flexible XML-based schema for the representation of all of the relevant information of financial transactions.

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Technical Component

The RiVa engines are based on an XML pipeline architecture.

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System Requirements

The operation of ABACUS/RiVa makes various demands on the systems used (client and server).

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