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In order to provide their customers with correct and comprehensive advice today, banks require extensive information about their customers. This is particularly true for the credit departments, which must also manage increased sales pressure in addition to customer care.

Aside from customer care, it has also become more important to manage engagements. Since many customers maintain business relations with more than one bank, however, many banks do not have an overview of the actual, bank-overlapping debt of their customers.

The evidence centre of the Federal Bank determines the overall debt per borrower or borrower entity from the loans of 1.5 million or more which are reported to it. The banks as the lenders are then informed about the total debt of their borrowers in the form of data feedback. These data feedback provide the banks with additional information about their customers.

To provide a clearer overview of this information, the Evidence tool of BearingPoint can provide an interesting aid. Based on the data feedback of the Federal Bank about borrower debt, the Evidence tool can be used to perform extensive assessments and analyses.

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Product Features

The evidence tool is a useful complement to the ABACUS/DaVinci regulatory reporting software as an independent application. The circle of users within a bank for the information which is contained in the feedback files of the Federal Bank generally differs from the employees in the regulatory reporting field. Persons working in the credit department are particularly interested in it. Their numbers can vary from only a few persons in small banks to a few hundred in large banks.

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The evidence tool offers institutions a number of benefits:

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Selected functionalities

As a web-based application, the evidence tool is available quickly and simply to numerous users. It offers a series of reports to analyze the debt and company group structure of borrowers and borrower entities.

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Data model and interfaces

The data feedback provided by the Federal Bank are processed in ABACUS/DaVinci and enriched with further information as regards GbR liability quotient. Export processing makes it possible to generate XML files in ABACUS/DaVinci which are then imported into the evidence tool.

Technical components

The evidence tool is based on a flexible client/server architecture as well as a relational database. As a web-based application, users use a browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox; it is not necessary to install the evidence tool on user workstations.

System Requirements


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