System Requirements

The operation of Abacus Solution Suite products necessitates various requirements for the operating (server) and accessing (client) systems.

The versions of the individual system components listed in the table below were tested in detail. Please find the system requirements for Abacus360 and ABACUS/RiVa here.
If it is planned to use other versions, we recommend verifying compatibility and consulting with BearingPoint. The listed system requirements reflect the respective current development status of the software and may change.

Please find system requirements for previous releases here.

Component Requirement Source of supply ABACUS/
DaVinci or higher
ABACUS/GMP or higher
Solvency II or higher
Transactions or higher
LiMa or higher
Regulator or higher
CLIENT Web-Browser with Java-Script
Mozilla Firefox 18.0 or higher Mozilla X X X X X X
MS Internet Explorer 8.0, 9.0 or 10.0 Microsoft
until 5.16.1.xx          
MS Internet Explorer 11.0 Microsoft X X X X X X
Google Chrome 60.0 or higher Google or higher or higher or higher or higher or higher
Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe X X X X X X
WEB-SERVER Servlet Container
Oracle WebLogic 12c Release 3 Oracle X   X X X X
RedHat Wildfly 8 RedHat   X        
IBM Websphere ab IBM X   X X X X
Tomcat 7.x, 8.x Apache Tomcat until 5.16.1.xx   X X X X
Tomcat 9.0.10 or higher Apache Tomcat or higher     X    
Java 8 Oracle X X X X X X
In case of the use of Windows:
Java Service Wrapper (32 Bit free)
Java Service Wrapper (64 Bit licence necessary)
Tanuki X   X X X X
In case of separation of webserver and application server:
Oracle Client - 12c
Oracle until 5.16.1.xx X X X X X
Oracle Client 12c
Oracle X          


Oracle until 5.16.1.xx   X until 1.9.1.xx X X

Oracle and*

Oracle X Oracle 12c Enterprise Edition X X X X

AIX, Linux, Windows, Solaris
Currently Enterprise Edition with the following options:

  • Partitioning
  • Bitmap Indexes

Standard Edition for “small” solutions (not relevant for ABACUS/Regulator, otherwise after consultation)

* Oracle is supported for ABACUS/DaVinci P5.15.3.00 (Engine P1.10.1.00) and versions above. There are actually no Oracle Proactive Bundle Patches recommended for the new Oracle 12.2 version. For Abacus360 Banking and other Abacus products the new Oracle version 12.2 has not yet been tested and is not yet supported.

Operating systems
Server   Client

The system is completely Java-based (except the database component) and therefore independent from the operating system. The operating systems listed below have been successfully tested up to now:

  • Windows Server
  • Sun Solaris
  • Linux REDHAT
  • Linux SUSE
Basically Abacus can be operated with all clients where Mozilla or Internet Explorer, Acrobat-Reader Plug-in and Java script are enabled.

Explanation of the components

The client represents the interface between the user and the Abacus system. It receives the input of the user, shows the results and provides results in the way of files.

Web Server
The Web Server represents the business logic of the system. It receives the input of the Client, works on that and sends back the results. Furthermore it controls the system-processes which are necessary for the processing.

Abacus Server
The Abacus Server runs the processes which are necessary for implementing the business logic of the system. It is controlled by the Web-Server and through batch processes.

Database Server
The Database Server is needed for storing the necessary data for running the system as well as the results from the processing.

Open Source Software

Abacus uses some functions on open source components or presumes the use of open source software. An overview of these open source components can be found in the online client area.


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