Consulting relating to the Abacus Solution Suite

As a business partner, it is a special concern of ours to ensure that Abacus Solution Suite products are deployed to your utmost satisfaction at your company. Our consulting services around the Abacus Solution Suite products are tailored to support you expertly and comprehensively in all stages: introduction, extension, operation and usage. This incorporates, for example, the following services:

Implementation of Abacus Solution Suite products

The introduction of reporting software has increased substantially in complexity. In particular through the overarching requirements of, among other things, risk management, balance sheet accounting, management and limit monitoring, numerous dependencies need to be taken into account, primarily with regard to data consistency.

With Abacus Solution Suite products, we have created a modern, high-quality product that provides financial institutions with far-reaching assistance in the field of reporting and beyond, meaning that a large number of challenges can be solved with the Abacus standard.

To make the introduction of our products as efficient as possible, and to open up the full realm of possibilities to the users, BearingPoint has developed a standard process model with templates and tools. On this basis, we support you in the implementation of Abacus Solution Suite products. The approach has proven itself in numerous implementation projects. In addition, the model is easily adjustable to assist you later with any major adjustments (e.g., due to architectural changes in your system landscape).

Implementation procedure

Phase Key content
  • Analyse existing system
  • Analyse existing organisation
  • Analyse/Define system requirements
  • Design introduction strategy
  • Creation of specialist and IT concept interface Abacus
  • Creation of specialist concept DV changeover
  • Design test strategy / creation of test concepts
  • Creation of test-case documentation
  • Design user training
  • Provision of the hardware
  • Provision and installation of the ordered modules of Abacus
  • Apply parameter settings
  • Implementation of the interface Abacus concept
  • Provision of developer-tested supply programmes
  • Correction/modification of the programmes
System integration
  • Set-up test environment
  • User training
  • Integration test
  • Load test
  • Specialist test
Going live
  • Set-up production environment
  • Acceptance test
  • User training
  • Support in the introduction

Your advantage

You benefit from:

Special feature of ABACUS/DaVinci implementation:

ABACUS/DaVinci health check

In the course of the operation of ABACUS/DaVinci, various factors can result in the system performance declining or the quality of the reports suffering from ever frequent manual intervention.

BearingPoint offers you the so-called “Health Check” for the analysis and elimination of problems relating to ABACUS/DaVinci. In the process, we examine various areas.

  1. Interfaces and data quality:
    We check to what extent the relevant products are selected and delivered fully and correctly from the previous systems. We make proposals for the connection of new products. Based on the errors and warnings from the error logs (log files, RTs 999 and 99), we analyse which transactions, partners or relationships are supplied incorrectly. You thus have the opportunity of specifically improving the data quality in your previous systems or closing gaps in the delivery. If error messages that are irrelevant for you should appear, we will hide these.
  2. Performance and control:
    We check to what extent the database parameters used by you have been correctly set. The Abacus system is checked with regard to the data volumes on the system and if necessary an archiving can be done. The entries available in the Abacus customer tables are checked for correctness. On the basis of the system analysis, proposals are made for an optimisation of the performance and implemented on request.
  3. Processes and handling:
    The processes for data processing (batch processes) are checked to ensure they are up-to-date and for possible streamlining. We will make suggestions to you how you can use ABACUS/DaVinci even better and will point out the existing possibilities of the system to you, e.g., to analyses, error logs and the possibilities of manual report processing.

Your advantage

You benefit from:


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