Software Support

Software support is an important product development component for customers, since it allows a dialogue between the users and product development. We offer users various options in this regard:


Our hotline is available to users by telephone and e-mail. The hotline provides the specialized client support for the user as regards questions and requirements regarding software products.

Open Ticket Request System (OTRS)

The Open Ticket Request System allows customers to describe their problems and requirements themselves in the form of tickets and send them to the Hotline. The advantage of OTRS is that customers can describe tickets and view the processing status of a ticket at any time. Here, customers can also attach files - such as specific test data - which allows us to correct errors that occur at customers’ premises in our software.

Customer communications

Customers are informed quickly about important changes regarding reporting, ad-hoc implementation dates and changes regarding the software via an e-mail distributor.

Online Service

The versions, releases, patches and hotfixes of the software products are provided to customers for downloading in the online service. Other documentation, such as release planning, specifications, licensable modules, change requests, user group information, open source packages, is also provided.


We have built our ABACUS/DaVinci Wiki for the ABACUS/DaVinci product based on the technical platform Mediawiki. Here, various Abacus documents are transferred into numerous Wiki pages and connected with links. The entire interface documentation, our "data dictionary", is accessible through this medium. The benefits are obvious: You have access to updated document versions at any time since we centrally maintain them and provide them through the Abacus Wiki. The Wiki application is also integrated into our ABACUS/DaVinci software, so that it also provides a comfortable online help system for users.



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